Do Tax Resolution Services Make Promises They Cannot Keep?

Posted on September 7, 2021

Do Tax Resolution Services Make Promises They Cannot Keep?

With major tax relief scams being unearthed in the last few years, taxpayers are finding it difficult to spot a tax company that is honest, reliable and competent. Although fraudulent tax relief cannot be swiped clean entirely, there are ways through which taxpayers can keep them safe from such services. It pays to remember that tax resolution is effective only if the right help is chosen.

Honest vs. Dishonest Tax Resolution Services

It does not take long for a taxpayer to determine whether a tax relief company is authentic or not. Taxpayers can check the following aspects in a tax service:

  • Amount of upfront fee
  • Hidden fee
  • Number of tax lawyers
  • Location of the tax company
  • History of successful resolutions
  • Number of consumer complaints
  • Years in business

Authentic tax resolution services never charge bloated upfront fee, but only minimal upfront charges. They never have hidden fee and inform taxpayers about any and all charges before the hiring of the service. They house tax attorneys, enrolled agents and/or tax analysts to handle tax cases. Taxpayers must check the background of the tax resolution firm they are looking to hire along with information about its staff members.

Consumer complaints are the best indicator of how good a company is. Taxpayers can check the number of consumer complaints against a tax service through online resources such as BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Taxpayers can help themselves and other taxpayers get excellent service from honest tax resolution services by finding and exposing fraudulent tax companies. They can best serve the community and themselves by keeping them informed so that they avoid falling into the trap of dishonest tax companies.

What Honest Tax Resolution Services Do For You  

Legitimate services for tax resolution make promises they can deliver. They can help taxpayers in:

  • Reducing tax debt
  • Reducing/avoiding IRS penalties
  • Getting an early resolution
  • Getting matched with the right IRS debt payment program
  • Resolving of tax liens and tax levies
  • Resolving of tax evasion and tax avoidance cases

Before taxpayers decide to hire tax resolution services, they must first consult them regarding their case. Most legitimate tax resolution services offer free consultation. Taxpayers can use this time to consult the company professional about their tax case, and gather information about the company and its services. Top tax resolution services use consultation before taking up a case to ensure that they can provide optimum service to the taxpayer concerned.

All tax resolution services make promises, but you need one that will fulfil them. You can first research online and offline before contacting a tax company for consultation.