Filing Taxes before and after April 15 Deadlines

Posted on April 11, 2022

Filing Taxes before and after April 15 Deadlines

There are only four days left to file your tax returns. Taxpayers who are unable to file their tax returns by the April 15th deadline should file for an extension of time to file.

With an extension of time, taxpayers will not avoid penalties and interest on any taxes due, but will not be charged the additional Failure to File penalty. Taxpayers will receive an extra 6 months from the IRS to prepare and file their taxes.

Taxpayers who cannot pay their owed taxes should still file their tax return on time. They may apply for an IRS debt payment plan late if all their past tax returns are filed. Apart from maintaining eligibility for IRS debt payment plans, it will also help taxpayers keep their penalties and interest low.

Those taxpayers who are filing taxes now are advised to use the IRS’ online free file service to reach the IRS instantly. Any taxpayer can use free file to file their taxes electronically, and submit their returns by midnight, April 15th.

Using the IRS’ online service, taxpayers can check when the IRS receives their tax return through IRS ‘Where’s My Refund?’ portal. They can also check the status of their tax refund through this service. To stay protected from online tax scammers, taxpayers should only use the authentic website to file their taxes and check the status of their refund.

Filing taxes before the deadline is always advantageous for taxpayers, as they avoid penalties and interest, and further formalities that need to be fulfilled to stay compliant. It is only in emergencies that an extension of time must be sought. Even if taxpayers do not have the capability to pay taxes, the minimum amount can be paid before the deadline with the remainder to be paid under an IRS debt payment plan later.