How to Resolve Tax Debt Using Tax Resolution Companies

Posted on August 29, 2022

How to Resolve Tax Debt Using Tax Resolution Companies

Taxpayers who are under tax debt often hire the services of tax resolution companies to help resolve their tax case. Expert help can be necessary when resolving tax debt with an IRS payment plans, but taxpayers should be cautious with the tax resolution company they choose.

Spotting Fraudulent Tax Resolution Companies

A fraudulent tax resolution company uses false advertising to attract customers. It hides certain facts and highlights others to confuse and mislead taxpayers into hiring their company for help. Many fraudulent tax resolution companies misuse the IRS settlement plan, Offer in Compromise, for enticing advertisements, claiming substantial tax reduction for anyone who hires their services.  Taxpayers should avoid falling for these types of advertising traps by authenticating their claims.

Risks after Hiring a Fraudulent Tax Resolution Company

Millions of taxpayers have fallen victim to scam tax resolution companies over the years. After hiring scam tax services, the company does little to nothing to resolve their tax debt. They charge exuberant upfront fees and kept charging their clients for services they never receive. Also, due to the inaction of the company, the tax case becomes even more complicated and difficult to resolve.

Finding Authentic Tax Resolution Companies

An authentic tax resolution company is honest in its dealings and expert in the resolution of tax problems. A tax resolution service that provides taxpayers with factual information and realistic expectations can be trusted to resolve the tax case honestly.

The level of expertise of a tax company can be judged by the qualifications of its staff. A professional tax resolution service has qualified tax attorneys and enrolled agents in its staff that represent taxpayers before the IRS. Most popular tax resolution services also house tax analysts to help prepare a tax case.

In your search for an authentic tax resolution company, our ratings and reviews of some of the top tax resolution services can be of help. Taxpayers must research well and verify the claims of a tax service before hiring it.