IRS2Go Mobile App: Check Refund Status on Smartphone

Posted on April 4, 2022

IRS2Go Mobile App: Check Refund Status on Smartphone

IRS2Go is an IRS mobile app that allows taxpayers to check the status of their refund from their mobile phone. The app also connects to IRS YouTube videos, with the newest videos automatically featured in English, Spanish and American Sign Language. The mobile app is compatible for iPhone, iTouch and Android mobile devices.

With the app, taxpayers can now request their tax return or account transcript to be mailed to them using their smartphone. To check their refund status, taxpayers are required to enter their Social Security Number (SSN), filing status, and the approximate refund amount for the year. SSN taxpayers enter is encrypted and masked for security.

The status of refund for e-filed tax returns can be checked within a few days whereas the status of refund of paper filed tax returns can be checked after about three weeks from the date of filing. That is because the IRS takes longer to process paper returns.

IRS2Go can also be used to get daily updates from the IRS, including tips on tax creditw and free tax help. Taxpayers can enter their email address to subscribe for updates. During the tax season, tax tips are posted daily.

Taxpayers can download IRS2Go for free from the iPhone app store, the iTune app store, Google Play, or the Android marketplace. Legitimate platforms should be used to download the app to avoid viruses and malware.

Taxpayers can also follow the IRS for updates on Twitter, at @IRSnews. The feed includes videos, tax updates, IRS programs, and current tax information. The IRS does not entertain comments or messages from taxpayers via Twitter.

With the IRS2Go app, taxpayers can now get information from the IRS and check the status of their refund while on the move. Smartphone users can also use social media to get updates from the IRS about their initiatives, products and services, and the latest tax news.