Tax Scams in the Name of Tax Relief

Posted on June 26, 2021

Tax Scams in the Name of Tax Relief

Tax relief companies that run tax scams accumulate millions of dollars in a few years of service by stealing innocent taxpayers’ money. Fraudulent tax relief companies use various methods to run their tax scams. They attract taxpayers through misleading advertising and use deceptive business practices to steal money from taxpayers.

Taxpayers, if armed with information, can not only avoid falling victim to tax scams, but can also report scam tax relief companies to law enforcement agencies. Some of the common ways tax scams are operated in the name of tax relief are:

Tax Relief Promises for Tax Scams: Substantial Reduction of Tax Debt

Tax relief companies must stick to the rules laid by the IRS in reducing tax debt of taxpayers. The IRS’ intent is to collect the full tax debt amount, not provide tax relief to taxpayers who are in tax debt. If you can pay the tax debt money, no tax relief company can reduce that tax debt substantially. Those who promise to do that are tax scams.

Watch out for tax relief companies that promise you “pennies on the dollar.” They use these promises as bait to attract taxpayers into paying them a hefty fee. Many fraudulent tax relief companies have been known to charge the credit cards of their clients without them knowing. This is one of the ways fraudulent tax relief companies use to run their tax scams.

Information on various tax scams that rocked the country discloses that almost all tax relief companies that ran tax scams promised to reduce the tax debt of taxpayers substantially, even bringing it to zero, if they hired their services. When hired, they did little to resolve the taxpayer’s problem. Such tax scams teach taxpayers to trust the sane voices that promise the reality, not the moon.

Tax Relief: Stopping Levies, Liens

Running into tax scams is easy because tax relief companies know what you want. Every taxpayer who got a notice from the IRS for a levy or a lien will be in a crisis and fraudulent tax relief companies promise to resolve it instantly. To uncover their tax scams, you need to ask “How?”

Scam tax relief companies are in a hurry to get your money; therefore, they will not study your case before suggesting solutions. This is an express way to spot tax scams. They will suggest you solutions that are too attractive and keep charging you for their empty promises. They will never work on your case honestly because they are not into tax relief, they are into tax scams.

A levy or a lien can only be stopped if the taxpayer chooses an IRS payment program to pay back the tax debt amount. An honest tax relief company can help their client in choosing a program that is best for the taxpayer. They can help in reducing penalties and interest. Tax relief companies that promise to stop any IRS collection action without studying the case are simply tax scams.

To stay safe from tax scams, taxpayers are advised to see behind the hype and empty promises of fraudulent tax relief companies. Instead of providing tax relief, they will lead you into greater financial difficulties. What they show you is the easy way that does not exist.