Avoid IRS Audits

Posted on February 11, 2023

Avoid IRS Audits

Though the IRS may conduct an audit even if your tax return is accurate, you can lower your chances of an IRS audit by complying with tax rules and maintaining your tax records. Before filing your return, re-check the calculations you’ve made on your return to ensure that there are correct. It is particularly important that you check your income figure and any deductions and credits. If a miscalculation leads to the understatement of income, the IRS might investigate to see if it was intentional.

To avoid an IRS audit, file on time and file accurately. Even though an audit can be initiated even if you file on time every year, if you have an excellent record in complying with the tax laws, you are less likely to be audited.

Even if you are audited, if you keep up-to-date and organized record of your tax documents, you need not worry. The IRS conducts many audits through correspondence where you will need to provide them with the documents they ask for.

IRS audits should not be feared, but it is important to keep a record of all tax documents, including all the tax returns filed just in case the IRS asks you to prove your claims. It is best to stay organized by keeping each year’s tax documents in a separate file. As long as your tax records are straight, an IRS audit will not hurt.

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