Fraudulent Tax Resolution Companies

Posted on November 15, 2022

Fraudulent Tax Resolution Companies

Even though most tax resolution companies provide honest services, there are some that use the mask of tax resolution to take money from taxpayers looking for resolution of tax problems. Recently, many fraudulent tax companies were exposed. Most of them used deceptive advertising that gave false hopes to taxpayers, especially of tax debt reduction. They charged high up-front fee and provided little service, if any, to taxpayers, which lead them into deeper tax difficulties.

Many fraudulent tax resolution companies charge hidden fees and show unnecessary or false expenses in billing. Taxpayers can protect themselves from fraudulent tax resolution companies by checking facts before trusting a service. They can use the free consultation service that many tax resolution companies provide to know more about their service, level of expertise, location, etc. After obtaining information from the company, taxpayers must check it for authenticity.

It is not difficult to spot fraudulent tax resolution companies. Any company that has reasons to deliberately provide taxpayers with twisted facts about IRS debt payment plans or policies cannot have good intentions. Taxpayers must consider the advertisements and promotional tactics of tax resolution companies to judge whether they can be trusted or not.

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