Getting IRS Tax Debt Reduced

Posted on April 11, 2023

Getting IRS Tax Debt Reduced

Low-income taxpayers or those who are facing financial hardship can receive a reduction in their tax debt if they are unable to pay the full IRS tax debt amount. To achieve a reduction in debt, taxpayers must qualify for tax debt reduction payment plans of the IRS such as Offer in Compromise and Partial Payment Installment Agreement.

When applying for a repayment plan that reduces debt, make sure that you can meet its every qualifying factor and also all its requirements for resolution. Some unscrupulous tax services mislead taxpayers into applying for a tax reduction plan when they clearly not fulfill the eligibility requirements. Therefore, when seeking help for tax debt reduction, be careful to choose an honest and competent tax service.

To determine the amount of tax debt to be reduced, the IRS looks into the current financial situation of the taxpayer. Therefore, before approaching the IRS, prepare documents of your income from all sources. The IRS will need proof of your income and expenditures to determine your liability. Usually, if a taxpayer is only able to meet basic living expenses, the IRS cannot force collection of any amount of tax debt. In such a case, the case may be placed under Currently Not Collectible.

Before contacting the IRS or applying for a payment plan for IRS debt reduction, seek legal help to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each plan.

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