How Do Online Consumer Boards Operate

Posted on October 24, 2022

How Do Online Consumer Boards Operate

Consumer boards allow people to post reviews of the products/services they have used. The purpose of online consumer boards is to provide a free platform to consumers where they can share their good and bad experiences with other consumers. This purpose is defeated when people post fake negative reviews to purposefully inflict damage of any kind.

Most online consumer boards do not take responsibility for what the users on their site say. They have no authentication system in place that leaves the platform vulnerable to abuse. This is the weakness of online consumer boards that has been exploited by the unscrupulous.

The final responsibility rests with the reader. Whether to believe a review or not is dependent upon the judgment of the reader. Therefore, it is important for consumers to authenticate what they read on online consumer boards that use no authentication. Consumers must use other sources to check the facts presented on online consumer boards.

Dissatisfied employees, rival, company competitors post false negative reviews to damage reputation. The ultimate purpose achieved by posting a false review is to damage reputation. This weapon is sometimes used to blackmail individuals and companies. To ensure consumers get the correct information, they need to understand the nature of the medium they are using to get it.

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