Planning Your Taxes: Learning from the Past

Posted on May 19, 2023

Planning Your Taxes: Learning from the Past

Reviewing your tax situation, especially after you file your taxes, can provide you with insight into ways to save your money, time, and effort in the future. If you are running a business or paying estimated taxes, you should review your withholdings to avoid paying too much in taxes and then receiving a refund. Although most people do not mind paying more and receiving a refund, for effective financial planning, it is better to pay accurately so that you can plan the use of the remaining money and savings.

This is a good time to review your past years’ tax history to identify places where improvements can be made.  Learning more about the tax deductions and credits for available this year will help you to save as much as possible in taxes, as you can adjust your spending accordingly. Therefore, instead of researching the deductions that you can qualify for at the end of tax season, you can plan ahead and adjust your expenditures to save taxes, especially when making large purchases.

A little tax planning and reviewing all along the year can lower your tax bill considerably. When in debt, you should consider adjusting your withholdings and paying accurately rather than paying more since the IRS will offset your refund to satisfy your tax debt.


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