Tax Preparation and Filing

Posted on March 26, 2023

Tax Preparation and Filing

When preparing taxes, it is important to fill out the information correctly so that there are no errors that can cause rejection of the tax return. It is preferable to engage the help of a tax preparer if taxpayers face difficulties in making the correct deductions, using the correct credits, choosing the most appropriate filing status, etc. Taxpayers who cannot afford to hire professional services can receive free tax preparation help from the IRS, or the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

When preparing and filing taxes, taxpayers should only use a software for tax preparation and filing if they are computer savvy. For those less familiar with technology, there is the danger of falling victim to phishing attempts by identity thieves. Taxpayers with limited understanding of computers can paper file their tax returns. Even though electronic filing is faster and more convenient, safety is of primary importance when preparing and filing taxes.

Low-income taxpayers, the elderly, those who have difficulty understanding and the disabled can recieve free tax preparation help during the tax season to accurately prepare their taxes and learn about the tax benefits allowed to them. This free tax help service from the IRS is only available during the tax season.

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