Tax Preparation Difficulties & How to Overcome Them

Posted on January 22, 2023

Tax Preparation Difficulties & How to Overcome Them

It is important for taxpayers to prepare their taxes accurately and to file them timely. To ensure that the information you have put on the return is accurate, you should always double check the deductions and credits you have claimed. Make sure you have not claimed any deduction or credit that you do to qualify for. The IRS will send the return back to be amended if it finds credits and deductions that you are not eligible to claim.

Whether you are using standard deduction or itemized deductions, make sure you have made the correct claims and calculations. Remember to check the Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) if you have a tax preparer preparing your taxes.

Same-sex couples face confusion regarding their filing status. In the states that have recognized same-sex marriage, married same-sex couples can file their state taxes as married filing jointly. In states that do not, married same-sex couples will need to file individual state tax returns. Because many states have special filing rules for same-sex couples, it is best to either find accurate information regarding tax filing from a reliable source or use professional help to prepare taxes.

The tax season will begin on January 31st. Preparing and filing taxes early in the season help you to avoid the last-minute rush and the threat of tax scammers.

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