Tax Scammers using Tax Debt Collection Threats

Posted on April 2, 2023

Tax Scammers using Tax Debt Collection Threats

This tax season, the scammers are using tax debt collection efforts of the IRS to carry out fraud. In previous years, we saw that the scammers tried to steal the identity of a person to file false tax returns in their name. This year, the scammers are widely using back taxes as a means to threaten people with arrest and getting them to cough up cash.

You can expect to receive a call from the “IRS” one day, telling you that you owe taxes. If you filed all your previous tax returns, you might not buy their claims, but their insistence can put you in doubt. Those that owe taxes will have reason to believe that they are getting a call from the IRS, asking them to pay.

The scammers use sophisticated technology, which can make it difficult to identify them as scammers. Therefore, it is important to know that the IRS never calls people over the phone, asking them to pay their tax debt. They send notices, regarding the payment of tax debt.

Scammers usually use intimidation such as threats of immediate arrest and police action. If somebody calls you saying s/he is an IRS agent, hang up and report the call. Even if you suspect a call to be from the scammers, but are not sure, you must report it.

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