The New Tax Scam

Posted on April 1, 2023

The New Tax Scam

Scammers are widely using the name of the IRS to dupe taxpayers into sharing their bank account numbers, Social Security number or making direct deposits right into the scammers’ bank accounts. The new tax scam is known as the IRS phone scam. People in all states have been victimized by this scam, making it “the largest ever of its kind.”

If you receive a call and a strict, often intimidating, voice tells you that he is from the IRS, remember not to share any information with the caller. If you hang up, expect the caller to make repeated calls. If you believe that the call might be from scammers, report it immediately. This will ensure that you do not receive further calls.

People fall victim to this tax scam because the scammers use intimidation and threats of arrest that sound real. Those who owe back taxes are more likely to believe that the IRS is calling for tax debt collection. Those who do not owe taxes start fear that they might owe taxes. The scammers play on this fear and doubt to extract sensitive information or get the person to transfer money to a bank account.

The IRS has provided information to taxpayers about the IRS phone scam to help them prepare for it. Taxpayers should expect tax scams during the tax season, but the magnitude and the speed with which the IRS tax scam has spread is unparalleled. As with every tax scam, knowledge is your biggest defense.

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