Your Role in Preventing Tax Fraud

Posted on January 24, 2023

Your Role in Preventing Tax Fraud

Some tax scammers tempt taxpayers into conducting tax fraud, and some others steal taxpayers’ tax information to file false tax returns. Whichever method tax scammers use, taxpayers can help prevent tax fraud by keeping themselves informed, being careful in sharing tax information, and reporting attempts at identify theft.

The IRS requests taxpayers to forward any suspicious email that is supposedly a phishing attempt to Forwarding this email helps the IRS to investigate and catch the scammers. Taxpayers may also inform the IRS about any tax fraud that they know about such as a false charitable organization or an unscrupulous tax preparer. Any suspicious activity related to tax theft can be reported to the IRS.

To ensure their identity cards or Social Security Number does not fall into the hands of tax scammers, taxpayers must not share or carry their important cards and documents with them, especially during the tax season. If every taxpayer is careful and aware, it will not be easy for tax fraudsters to victimize them. Taxpayers can help curb tax fraud by keeping themselves protected from tax scammers, and helping the IRS and the law enforcement agencies to catch the offenders.

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