IRS Debt & Back Taxes Payment

Posted on May 9, 2022

IRS Debt & Back Taxes Payment

IRS debt can become a pain in the neck if it is not resolved early. The IRS can use aggressive collection actions such as a tax lien and levy to collect back taxes. It usually happens when taxpayers avoid paying their tax debt, even after constant reminders by the IRS.

It is important for taxpayers to know that any delay in paying back a tax debt will mean paying more overall. Apart from aggressive collection actions that the IRS can place, a taxpayers’ tax debt amount increases with delay in paying tax debt. Therefore, it is in the interest of taxpayers to resolve their tax debt as early as possible.

Only taxpayers who can afford to pay IRS back taxes in full are required to pay the entire tax debt amount. Those taxpayers whose financial condition does not allow them to pay with a single payment can choose from various IRS back taxes payment plans, such as an Installment Agreement, an Offer in Compromise, or Currently Not Collectible.

IRS back taxes must be resolved, even if it cannot be paid. Taxpayers have various choices to resolve their back taxes to get back into compliance with the IRS. Taxpayers must consult a legal help to assist them to choose the right debt payment plan and negotiate with the IRS to get the most beneficial resolution of their back tax problem.

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