Methods of Achieving Back Taxes Resolution

Posted on July 18, 2022

Methods of Achieving Back Taxes Resolution

The resolution of back taxes can only be achieved by qualifying for an IRS debt payment plan. Taxpayers who can pay their entire tax debt in a lump sum do not need to apply for a debt payment plan. They can simply contact the IRS and pay back the entire amount. Depending on the gravity of the non-compliance and the time-period of non-payment of taxes, the IRS charges penalties and interest.

Taxpayers who wish to have their tax debt amount reduced because their financial condition does not allow them to pay in full payment can apply for an Offer in Compromise or a Partial Payment Installment Agreement. The IRS will request for a full disclosure of financial information to verify the financial capability of the taxpayer. Therefore, taxpayers should only apply for a tax debt payment plan where they meet all requirements.

Achieving a resolution can be simple with the help of the right tax resolution company. For complex cases of tax debt where negotiation with the IRS becomes necessary, taxpayers must use a tax help to effectively prepare, represent and negotiate their tax debt case.

For speedy, painless and favorable resolution, taxpayers must choose the most appropriate method of resolving their back taxes. It is important for taxpayers to hire a competent and honest tax service to get the best help.

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