Stay Protected from Tax Scams

Posted on June 27, 2021

Stay Protected from Tax Scams

Keeping yourself informed about the various threats you may face because of tax scams is your best safety. There is little taxpayers can do once they have fallen into the trap of fraudsters. Therefore, it is important to stay protected from harm.

Tax Scams to Watch Out For

Top scams that you need to stay aware of are:

• Pennies on the dollar
• Identity theft
• Tax preparer fraud
• Phishing

These are some of the top tax scams that taxpayers encounter. Taxpayers can encounter tax fraud online and offline. It can be a fraudulent tax company, online crime, fraudulent tax preparers or bad financial advisers. A little information on how to avoid falling a victim to tax fraud can help you to safely file your returns every year.

Staying Safe from Tax Scams

Taxpayers can stay safe from tax fraud by researching before hiring the right help and not sharing sensitive personal and financial information online.

Fraudulent tax companies use hype, false advertising and deception to trap taxpayers into hiring their services. Before you hire the services of a tax resolution company or a tax professional, research their background. Popular tax resolution companies namely Tax Masters, Roni Deutch, American Tax Relief and J.K. Harris were found to be deep into scam. Do not believe the advertisements. Dig out the truth from multiple sources that are reliable.

Tax Scams & You

Phishing and identity theft are carried out online. Scammers use fake websites to extract sensitive financial and personal information from taxpayers, which they later use for filing false tax returns.

Offline tax theft can come from fraudulent tax relief companies, tax professionals, tax preparers etc. Fraudulent tax professionals pocket large up-front fee and do not provide any or satisfactory service to their clients.

It is better to stay aware and protect yourself against tax frauds than to lose money and wait for justice. To keep you one step ahead of scammers, stay informed about top tax scams.

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