Stay Safe from Tax Relief Scams: Expert Tips!

Posted on July 10, 2021

Stay Safe from Tax Relief Scams: Expert Tips!

Tax relief scams have been rocking the country since decades. Recently, tax fraud of many top tax companies made headlines. Top tax relief companies namely Tax Masters, J.K. Harris, American Tax Relief, Roni Deutch and Tax Relief ASAP were found to be deep in tax relief scams.

The fraud of scam tax companies was discovered through numerous consumer complaints filed against them by frustrated consumers. Hundreds of consumers complained of the deceptive business practice of these tax companies on different consumer forums leading to law enforcement agencies inquiring into the business practice of these fraudulent companies.

When the multimillion dollar tax relief scams of tax companies were discovered, it was found that they used deceptive advertising and aggressive marketing tactics to attract taxpayers into hiring their services. They charged large upfront fee and hidden fee, and provided little to no service.

“Pennies on the Dollar” or IRS Offer in Compromise tax debt program was used by fraudulent tax companies to promise substantial reduction in taxes to any and all taxpayers. They twisted facts of the debt payment program to suit their marketing strategy. When their tax scams were busted, it was found that they were guilty of deceptive advertising and fraudulent business practices.

American Tax Relief and Tax Relief ASAP were shut down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and Roni Deutch, Tax Master and J.K. Harris were closed down because of multiple court cases filed against them.

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