Get Safe from Back Taxes: Expert Advice!

Posted on July 20, 2021

Get Safe from Back Taxes: Expert Advice!

Many back taxes help dub IRS’ Offer in Compromise as ‘Pennies on the Dollar’ to attract taxpayers to hire their services. If it had remained a marketing technique, it would have done less damage, but many tax companies and tax professionals use Offer in Compromise to extract large upfront fee from taxpayers without providing any services.

Fraudulent Back Taxes Help

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Tax services offering to reduce tax debt of taxpayers substantially without even a look at their cases are scam.

It is irresponsible for tax services to promise something that they are not sure of delivering. Still, thousands of taxpayers fell into the trap of fraudulent tax services. They lost their money, time and got into deeper trouble with the IRS.

Researching Back Taxes Help

When looking to hire the services of a tax company or a tax professional, taxpayers must conduct research through various sources. They can check the BBB rating of a tax service, its background, history, get information about its staff members, and check the number of consumer complaints the business has. That will help them in making an informed decision.

Staying safe from fraudulent tax companies that offer reduction in tax debt is easy if taxpayers understand that the IRS does not allow reduction in tax debt till they are sure that the taxpayer concerned cannot pay their tax debt. Tax reduction is a long-drawn process that requires much negotiation. Very few taxpayers are able to qualify for tax reduction program of the IRS, Offer in Compromise.

Honest back taxes help provide in-depth analysis of a tax case before deciding whether it can qualify for tax reduction or not. It is in the best interests of taxpayers to call tax resolution companies for free consultation regarding their tax debt issue before deciding on which tax service to hire.

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