How Tax Relief Specialists Resolve Tax Debt

Posted on November 23, 2021

How Tax Relief Specialists Resolve Tax Debt

Taxpayers use the services of tax resolution firms to get their tax debt resolved, but how exactly do tax relief specialists work to resolve cases of tax debt. In a tax resolution company, tax lawyers including tax attorneys and enrolled agents work on a tax debt case with the help of tax analysts.

Tax relief specialists first study a tax debt case to understand it in its entirety. That helps in finding the correct solution to the tax problem. After an in-depth analysis, tax lawyers and tax analysts prepare a tax case, adjusting its many terms and conditions to achieve maximum benefit for a taxpayer. Lastly, they negotiate with the IRS to convince them to achieve their agreement on the terms of the case.

Resolution of tax debt includes one or more of the following:

  • Reducing tax debt
  • Postponing tax debt collection
  • Reducing/removing IRS penalties
  • Stopping tax liens
  • Stopping tax levies
  • Choosing and qualifying for IRS debt payment programs
  • Appeals

For resolution of tax debt, a tax company will file for one of the four IRS debt payment plans namely Installment Agreement, Currently Not Collectible, Partial Payment Installment Agreement and Offer in Compromise depending on the case and the financial condition of the taxpayer.

Experienced specialists of tax relief can achieve an advantageous and quick resolution to a tax debt problem. Without the knowledge, experience and skill of tax relief specialists, resolution can be possible, but most beneficial resolution is not.

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