Tax Scams You Might Face in 2014

Posted on July 22, 2023

Tax Scams You Might Face in 2014

Tax scammers continue to change their methods of operation. As taxpayers become familiar with their tactics, the methods of scamming evolve. The latest tax scam that the IRS has alerted taxpayers to is the ‘Update your IRS e-file’ scam. This is a phishing scam where the email appears to be from the IRS and has link(s) to either a bogus web site or a page that looks exactly like the IRS website/web page.

The email provides the recipient with instructions on how to update their IRS e-file. Usually, its subject is “you are to update your IRS e-file immediately.” In order to sound authentic, the email also mentions and irsgov. You will notice that the email does not use the address of the legitimate IRS website,, with the dot.

When receiving any email that says that it’s from the IRS, it’s important to remember that the IRS does not send unsolicited emails to taxpayers. If they wish to communicate with you, they will send you a notice through the mail, not via email.

If you receive an email that you believe is fraudulent and may be an attempt at scamming, you shouldn’t respond to the email or click on any link included; forward the potential scam email to the IRS at Remember that the IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email, texting or social media.

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