Syria Strikes will Cost Taxpayers Billions

Posted on September 3, 2022

Syria Strikes will Cost Taxpayers Billions

If the U.S. decides to use its military force in Syria, it will cost American taxpayers billions. Indications have been made that the U.S. might launch cruise missiles in Syria, with the cost of each missile around $1.1 million.

President Obama proposed that the U.S. must intervene in Syria on humanitarian grounds, but do the American taxpayers share his opinion? The level of intervention planned is yet unknown, but if the U.S. goes deep into Syria, it will rocket the expenditure.

Army General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, believes that a military intervention deep inside Syria would need hundreds of warplanes, ships and submarines, the cost of which would reach billions. The costs for defending Syria will depend upon the scale of the operation, but as it has been seen in many wars, nobody can accurately predict the scale of military operations because they are adjusted according to the changing need.

President Obama has yet to get a Congressional approval for an attack. If the U.S. does defend Syria by using its military force, it will be the taxpayers who will pay the cost of the operations. Congress must consider the opinion of the people before deciding on using its military for another country.

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