Electronic Tax Filing versus Paper Tax Filing

Posted on August 27, 2023

Electronic Tax Filing versus Paper Tax Filing

Each year, millions of taxpayers file their tax returns electronically using the IRS free tax filing program. Filing returns electronically is faster, as taxpayers can complete their taxes within minutes and without leaving their home. E-filing also provides taxpayers with a safe filing method, as there is little chance of the return getting lost, damaged or stolen. It allows taxpayers to get their returns to the IRS in the first few days of the tax season, helping to avoid tax scams or identity theft.

Electronically filed tax returns reach the IRS instantly and are processed early. The IRS issues refunds earlier, too. For both electronic and paper filed tax returns, taxpayers can check their refund status through the IRS tool, ‘Where’s My Refund?’  It helps them to track when their return is being processed and when their refund is issued.

Taxpayers who are not computer savvy may need assistance when filing electronically. If they can’t get help, they may want to file a paper return or visit an IRS center for help. As there are threats of phishing and stealing of information on the internet, novice users should exercise caution.

Electronic filing is the future of return filing because it’s faster, more convenient, and safer than paper filing. Every year, more and more taxpayers are adopting electronic filing because of the advantages it offers.


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